This section covers the inter-operability between the ixpeobssim modules and data products and the standard tools of the X-ray community.


This section is a stub and needs to be expanded.



XSPEC is the primary benchmark for the ixpeobssim tools and data product, and the relevant interfaces are covered in the section about XSPEC support.


Sherpa is the CIAO modeling and fitting application. Among other things, it supports the XSPEC spectral models and provides a more modern (and Pythonic) interface to the underlying facilities.

The inter-operation between ixpeobssim and Sherpa has been demonstrated at the prototypical level, and the related activity is tracked at issue #291.


The 3ML Multi-Mission Maximum Likelihood framework provides a common high-level interface and model definition, interfacing under the hood to the official software of the various missions.

3ML provides experimental support to IXPE, which is illustrated, e.g., here.



HENDRICS, the High-Energy Data Reduction Interface from the Command Shell, is sophisticated timing analysis package for X-ray astronomy.

HENDRICS has been tested against ixpeobssim simulations, see, e.g., here.